Rosemary Bankston,
Fellowship Program Coordinator
Kathy Brooks,
Editorial Assistant
Tori Coble,
Research Scholar
Derek Dixon,
Research Scholar
Amy Farris,
Development Officer
Christal J. Gammage,
Clinical Research Coordinator
Nuanqiu Hou,
Clinical Research Coordinator
Chase Hunter,
Research Scholar
Linda Jones,
JoAnn Jones, RN, BSN,
Clinical Research Coordinator
Daniel A. Kallaher,
Foundation Office Administrator
Margaret C Knack, RN, BSN, MS, CCRP,
Senior Manager, Research
Jenny Koltnow, MEd,
Executive Director
Tonya Priggel,
Medical Librarian
Karen Romer, RN,
Clinical Research Coordinator
Angie Smith,
Non-Profit Accountant
Jeremy Stuckey,
Clinical Research Coordinator
Anne Tipton,
Deputy Editor
Becky Williams,
Foundation Coordinator

A Message from Our Chairman

There has never been a more important time to support the Campbell Clinic Foundation.

Musculoskeletal disease or injury is the leading cause of disability in the United States — and the number one reason for doctor visits. It’s true: One in seven Americans has a muscular or skeletal impairment, and one in three is affected by arthritis. A fracture requiring orthopaedic treatment occurs approximately every 14 seconds in the U.S. Half of all Americans will be treated for a fractured bone before they are 65.

Conditions such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, back pain, spinal disorders, fractures, and overuse soft tissue injuries affect millions of people, and will become more and more common as Baby Boomers age. Many children also suffer from crippling bone and joint diseases that prevent them from leading full and healthy lives.

The Foundation’s mission of enhancing the quality of life through the science of orthopaedic medicine is more important than ever. We are grateful to be able to serve.

Jack R. Blair, M.B.A.
Jack R Blair
Board of Directors

Board Officers

Frederick M. Azar, M.D.
Chief Staff Officer
Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics
S. Terry Canale, M.D.
Retired, Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics
Kelly Luttrell
Secretary/ Treasurer
CFO, Vital Records Corporation
G. Drew Murphy, MD
Development Chair
Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics
Gary E. Stavrum
Board Chairman
Granite Forge

Board Members

Jeffrey R. Sawyer, M.D.
Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics
Thomas W. “Quin” Throckmorton, M.D.
Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics
James H. Beaty, M.D.
Department Chair, UTHSC-Campbell Clinic Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery and Biomedical Engineering
Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics
Peg Branyan
International Paper
Derek M. Kelly, M.D.
Chair, Campbell Foundation Education Committee
Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics
David G. LaVelle, M.D.
Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics
Kelly P. Luttrell
Secretary/ Treasurer
Vital Records Corporation
Santos F. Martinez, M.D.
Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics
William M. Mihalko, M.D.
Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics
G. Andrew Murphy, M.D.
Chair, Development Committee
Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics
Frank T. Navarra
Director of Philanthropy, Campbell Clinic Foundation Cerebral Palsy Center
Retired, Smith & Nephew
David Popwell
First Horizon
Gary E. Stavrum
Granite Forge
Granite Forge
Norfleet B. Thompson, M.D.
Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics
Barbara Williamson
Gary K. Wunderlich, Jr.
Live Oak Merchant Partners

Emeritus Trustees

Jack R. Blair, MBA
Former President, Smith + Nephew Orthopaedics
Buzzy Hussey
Former Chairman and Owner, Babcock Gifts
Joseph Orgill, III*
Former Chairman, Rock Island Corporation
Larry W. Papasan*
Retired, Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics
Joseph C. Weller*
Retired, Raymond James | Morgan Keegan

* Deceased


Jenny Turner Koltnow
Executive Director, Campbell Clinic Foundation