Orthopaedic Research

Clinic Research: Growing and Thriving

Campbell Clinic Foundation staff administer and facilitate more than 150 clinical research studies each year, demonstrating Campbell’s unwavering commitment to innovation and patient well-being. Each Campbell Clinic Orthopaedic subspecialty team has staff who serve as principal investigators in physician-initiated studies, industry-sponsored clinical trials, multi-center research studies and collaborative study groups. Through this research, new treatments, techniques and insights are found to better serve patients.

Research activities also engage Campbell Clinic residents and fellows, medical students and industry and academic partners, further fostering collaboration and driving future strategies with a positive impact on patient outcomes.

Research results are shared with the world through presentations and posters at academic conferences, publications and industry outreach.

Thanks to robust industry and education partners, our Foundation teams are reducing pain, enhancing mobility and improving quality of life for orthopaedic patients everywhere.

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Campbell Clinic Foundation Research Opportunities

We are committed to fostering interest in and understanding of clinical research by inspiring the next generation of medical professionals to pursue research in field.

Campbell Clinic Foundation Research Scholar Program

Since 2019, the Campbell Clinic Foundation has offered a “gap year” program for young professionals interested in medical careers to engage in clinical research. This paid, year-long experience, with an option to renew for an additional year, gives Scholars extensive hands-on experience in study design, data collection and analysis, literature review, institutional review and approvals, patient enrollment and study visit completion and manuscript preparation.

Current job opportunities listed here. Search “Research Scholar”

Medical Student Research Experience

The Campbell Clinic Foundation medical student volunteer service program offers UTHSC-Memphis medical students in-depth exposure to orthopaedic clinical research, with the guidance of orthopaedic surgeons, residents and fellows. This program introduces students to research and academic experiences early in their medical training that they might not otherwise have during medical school. Students will be matched with a subspecialty research team and work directly with Campbell Clinic and Campbell Clinic Foundation staff with roles assigned based on current study needs and per research study protocol.

Campbell Orthopaedic Journal

The Campbell Orthopaedic Journal is a once-yearly publication produced by the Campbell Clinic Foundation. It features the newest research articles by our graduating class of resident physicians and highlights the Campbell Residency program and staff and resident research efforts from the previous year.