Alumni Giving

As a Campbell Clinic residency or fellowship alum, you know first-hand what orthopaedic excellence looks like. You have experienced learning, teaching and practicing together, in Memphis and around the world.

Now is your chance to be sure that excellence continues well into the future, with a generous gift to the Campbell Clinic Foundation.

What you guarantee with your gift is that the unique culture of the clinic will be waiting for future generations of orthopaedic surgeons, researchers and patients.

As Dr. Marcus Stewart (1911-2007), a leader in our field who trained under Dr. Campbell, said in a 1981 Campbell Clinic graduation speech:

“I want you all to realize that (your) accomplishments are really a small part of the great heritage of this institution. … This institution has left (you) a greater gift, and that is an immeasurable heritage of honesty and integrity. These giants of orthopaedics who developed this clinic have also been giants of the human race. You will not learn and inherit from them just technical knowledge, but a quality of life, of tolerance, or justice, of self-respect, and even of reverence that so permeates their teaching that it will stimulate and sustain you throughout life.”

THANK YOU for your practice excellence, your support of the Campbell Clinic Foundation, and for being part of the Campbell Clinic community.

We are very grateful.