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Call for 2024 Campbell Awards Nominations

In 2024, the Campbell Club will host the second Campbell Awards to honor and celebrate the extraordinary achievements and excellence displayed by Campbell Clinic alumni. Five awards will be presented to recognize individuals’ leadership, service, and contributions to the field of orthopaedics. The Campbell Awards was established in 2022, in conjunction with the 25th Triennial and the 75th Anniversary of the Campbell Clinic Foundation.

Award recipients will be recognized and receive a one-of-a-kind plaque at the Willis C. Campbell Club Triennial Gala. Honorees also will be recognized in Foundation publications, social media, and promotional materials following Triennial.

Any orthopaedic surgeon who has completed a UTHSC-Campbell Clinic residency or fellowship may be nominated for one or more of the following awards. Anyone, including Campbell alumni, staff, patients, and peers, may nominate an individual for these awards as long as the nominee meets the criteria and the nominator submits the required documents by the deadline. Past winners are not eligible for the same awards. A Campbell Awards Committee, composed of alumni volunteers and Campbell Clinic staff, will select winners.

Award Categories

Rising Star: This award is given to spotlight brilliant young surgeons, encourage the pursuit of excellence, service, and involvement, and to encourage an enriching and supportive climate for young surgeons. Nominees must have fewer than 10 years’ practice experience, be of high moral standing, and demonstrate society engagement, clinical excellence, research activities, and leadership potential.

Community Impact: This award is given to recognize and honor outstanding service to a community or cause. Nominees must have distinguished themselves through outstanding musculoskeletal-related humanitarian activities in the United States or abroad, augmented through research and education at all community levels (e.g., providing healthcare access to the underserved) with tangible or measurable impact. The candidate must possess personal qualities of integrity, compassion, courage, and leadership.

Teaching: This award is given to recognize and honor extraordinary talent and dedication to teaching. Nominees must demonstrate excellence in teaching and mentorship of peers as well as surgeons–in-training, instilling knowledge of culturally competent care, inspiring colleagues, and leading by example. They must have served in a teaching capacity as faculty or at local and/or national society levels (e.g., participation in instructional courses as moderators, presenters, lab instructors, or scientific paper sessions).

Research & Innovation: This award is given to recognize an individual with outstanding clinical and basic science investigations that contribute to the understanding, care, and prevention of bone and joint conditions and injuries. Nominees must have tangible, measurable achievements in research and continued innovation and improved patient care, technique, and/or discovery.

Lifetime Achievement: This award is presented to honor a leader in the field of orthopaedic surgery in all areas, including patient care, research, teaching and publications, service and advocacy, and community outreach. Nominees must demonstrate significant accomplishments, exceptional integrity, a commitment to growth in the field, and earned recognition among their peers. The candidate must have excelled in publications and research (author, reviewer, editor, and/or editorial boards) and in service and advocacy (participation on boards of directors, councils, committees and/ or sub-committees, project teams, specialty society boards, leadership fellows, or mentor boards and committees). Reliability, dedication, compassion, inspiring mentorship, and a commitment to bridge-building are qualities sought in these candidates.


Please submit in MS Word or PDF document the following information by single email to info@campbell-foundation.org by November 1, 2023.

  1. Name and contact information of nominator(s), including relationship to nominee.
  2. Name of the nominee, number of years as an orthopaedic surgeon and Campbell
    graduation year.
  3. Narrative statement or letter of support, describing why nominee should be considered
    for award. Maximum 500 words.
  4. Summary of nominee’s current and past professional positions, faculty appointments,
    leadership roles, and respective titles and dates. Nominee’s curriculum vitae will suffice.
  5. Principal honors, awards and distinctions (including but not limited to leadership roles,
    achievements, grant-funded studies, professorships, etc.) of nominee.
  6. Endorsement by other Campbell Clinic alumni or professional colleague(s) (optional)

Questions may be directed to: Jenny Koltnow, Executive Director, 901.759.3233 or jkoltnow@campbell-foundation.org.

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