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Profile: Dr. Stephanie Gardner, Foot & Ankle Fellow

April is National Foot Health Month, and we’re excited to introduce one of our current Foot & Ankle Fellows, Dr. Stephanie Gardner. Upon completion of her Campbell Clinic Fellowship in July, she will work for Methodist Willowbrook Hospital in Texas, where she will specialize in foot and ankle surgery. Outside of work, her hobbies include traveling, hunting, and spending time with her family. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Gardner on the recent birth of her second child!

In her own words: Get to know Dr. Gardner

What inspired your career in medicine?
I have always enjoyed learning about anatomy and got interested in orthopaedics after working for the vet school at Texas A&M during undergrad. I constructed a dog skeleton in the sitting position from its bones!

What have you done outside clinical practice to deepen your experience?
I have mentored medical students through the Ruth Jackson Society, and I served as the chief resident during my last year of residency at Houston Methodist.

What is a lesson you learned or advice you were given during your residency that you still take to heart or carry with you?
Make time for your loved ones, and don’t lose sight of your hobbies.

What is advice that you’d give your younger self?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help with something you are not familiar with.

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