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Residency Resource Network for current and prospective residents, alumni

The Campbell Clinic Foundation is eager to announce the new Residency Resource Network (RRN) to foster relationships among current residents, alumni and prospective residents. This program will strengthen the recruitment and retention of diverse residents and enable applicants to become more familiar with the support, training and opportunities unique to the Campbell training program.

These conversations will help potential residents better understand how our program will support their goals, personal circumstances and growth.

Once alumni and residents volunteer, they will be introduced with a prospective resident to answer questions and discuss living in Memphis, our program’s culture, or the openness to diverse perspectives and experience.

Research has shown that diversity improves productivity, research quality, and, perhaps most importantly, healthcare outcomes. We are grateful for incredible interest from our alumni. We look forward to launching this program during the 2024 recruitment and match season and strengthen our program –and relationships—for future orthopaedic surgeons. Contact us at info@campbell-foundation.org if you’d like to get involved!

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