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Something’s Different?!

Written by: Jenny Koltnow, Executive Director

Campbell Clinic Foundation- Yes, you read that right.

We added “Clinic” to our name. And we changed our colors. And we have a new tagline.

But why?

Earlier this year, the Foundation trustees, staff and stakeholders started to consider, “How can we build more awareness and interest in what we do?” After all, the Campbell Foundation has an impressive history, world-class training and continues to push the frontiers of orthopaedic research and patient care.

First and foremost, the “Campbell” thing gets a little confusion. Admittedly, not everyone sees “Campbell” and thinks, “Oh, that must be the charitable arm of the Clinic.” Some people, and I won’t name names, see our name and think “soup.”

So drawing the connection to our stellar Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics and the reputation it’s built over a century was critical.

Second, we wanted to honor the legacy built by Dr. Willis C. Campbell and leadership that has defined our organization and residency alumni, so we brought the Campbell tartan green into our color scheme.

Third, we wanted to convey how our three pillars—a world-class residency program, research and publications that inform and educate the practice worldwide, and compassionate care that restores mobility and relieves pain—make a profound impact on patients and the people around them.

Finally, this new look better represents who we are, what we do and what we believe in:
We believe the Campbell Orthopaedic Foundation develops the transformational leadership and innovation an active world needs.

We believe in moving lives.

In anticipation of the Foundation’s 75th anniversary, now’s the perfect time to “re-introduce” ourselves to our community. Our new website has up-to-date information, event listings, a blog and more to help everyone better understand and engage in our work.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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